How is RabbitTrax available?

RabbitTrax is available via the Web. Our application hosts a web application at and a mobile app downloadable for free via any apple or android device.

What types of checklists can I conduct

You are able to create “Yes/No”, “Lists”, “Text” or “Selections”

Can I create my own checklists?


Can I schedule my own checklists?

Yes. The subscription you own can allow you to schedule any checklist and assign them to individuals or groups which you create.

How are users added to the system?

Users are added and managed in the software by you. The system allows additions, deletions and edits to be made by your organization.

How do users log into the system?

Users can go to to access the web application or download and sign into the mobile application through any apple or android device.

Can I group users together?

Yes. The system allows you to create a “group” of multiple users which will all have access to conducting task lists assigned to the “group”.

Can we limit access depending on the user?

Yes. You will be able to set security levels by user.

Do users have their own schedule?

Yes. Each individual has their own schedule and own set of task lists assigned to them.

Is RabbitTrax HIPPA Compliant?

The system is not designed to host information that would be a concern to the HIPPA code, however if your organization desires to store information on the system that falls under HIPPA guidelines please contact us and we can discuss the options available.

Do we need a mobile device for every user?

No. Every individual has an authentic sign on allowing an individual to sign into the system via any device.

Where is my information stored?

AWS Cloud Storage called Amazon Elastic Block Storage (Amazon EBS). Amazon EBS provides highly available, consistent, and low-latency storage.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is utilized for backups and recovery as well as user-driven content like photos, video, and audio.

How secure is my data?

RabbitTrax utilizes Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with built in network firewalls, web application firewalls and private networks. Encryption, security groups, and network access control lists are utilized to protect the access to the data stored for each organization.

Select1 Solution utilizes Multi-Factor Authentication protecting clients account information.

And, Amazon data centers are more secure than most bank vaults around the world.

What IT support is needed from us?

S1S supports the cloud AWS technical infrastructure and services (e.g. Network, Security, Servers, Database, etc.), along with the application data. S1S is also responsible for the future upgrades of the software and the hardware supporting RabbitTrax.

Is there a limitation on the number of users I can have?

No, however the plan you sign up for will dictate the allowable users.  If more users are desired than the current plan allows, the RabbitTrax team can provide options to allow more users to access the system.

Is there a limitation on the amount of data I can store?

No, however the plan you sign up for will dictate the data options you have.  If more data is desired than your current plan allows, the RabbitTrax team can provide options to allow additional data to be stored.

How long is my data kept?

Our EULA states that data will be kept for up to 5 years. If longer storage is required we have plans and solutions that can accommodate.

What happens to my data if the agreement is canceled?

The data will be transferred back to you upon notification in an environment of your choice.

Can this be automated with our Employee Management System?


Is it possible to integrate with our EMR/EHR system?

Yes. Upon approval of your current EMR/EHT system.

Do I have to be connected to WiFi to use the system?


What happens if I lose WiFi connectivity?

A notification will appear on mobile devices alerting of failed internet connection.

What if we want to store information on our own servers?

Please contact us. Accommodations can be made.

How long does it take for the system to identify updates?

All of our updates are in real time.

Can I connect multiple locations?


How much does your product cost?

Depends on the plan chosen. Minimum charge is $4,800/year per organization.