How is RabbitTrax available?

RabbitTrax is available via the Web. Our application hosts a web application at and a mobile app downloadable for free via any apple or android device.

How does RabbitTrax create my Quality Calendar?

RabbitTrax has a team of Clinicians and Technicians that will help identify and build the measures desired to track into the system, creating a customized program to fit your needs.

What if the measures I want to track change?

Our system allows you or your organization to make changes as needed or you are always welcome to call our team for assistance. The changes made will update in real time and it will NOT affect previously conducted Quality Measures.

Does my subscription come with Templates?

Each organization will have a unique set of tasks within a “Template” to ensure they meet accredidation requirements. Our team will help review and set up the templates you desire.

How is data entered into the system?

Tasklists can be assigned to any user using our calendar function. The user can input data using our mobile application or a desktop using our web application.

Once up and running can I add additional users to the system?

The system allows you to add your own users. RabbitTrax is also “Active Directory” capable for enterprise subscriptions.

Can I restrict a users use?

Yes, we have the ability to assign different security settings allowing limited access when necessary.

How do users log into the system?

Users can go to to access the web application or download and sign into the mobile application through any apple or android device.

Is RabbitTrax HIPPA Compliant?


Do we need a mobile device for every user?

RabbitTrax allow a user to conduct their tasks on any device (mobile or desktop). It will be up to your organization to determine the best way for your users to conduct their workflow.

Where is my information stored?

RabbitTrax uses AWS Cloud Storage (Amazon EBS). Amazon EBS provides highly available, consistent and low-latency secure storage.

How secure is my data?

A RabbitTrax utilizes Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with built in network firewalls, web application firewalls and private networks. Encryption, security groups, and network access control lists are utilized to protect the access to the data stored for each organization. RabbitTrax utilizes Multi-Factor Authentication protecting clients account information. In addition Amazon data centers are more secure than most bank vaults around the world!

What IT support is required by my organization?

None! RabbitTrax supports the cloud AWS technical infrastructure and services (e.g. Network, Security, Servers, Database, etc.), along with the application data. RabbitTrax is also responsible for the future upgrades of the software and the hardware supporting the system.

Is there any limitation on the number of users we can have?

The System has no limitation, the amount of users you are allowed depends on the plan you select.

Is there any limitation on the amount of data we can store?

The System has no limitation; the amount of data you are allowed depends on the plan you select. We can work with your organization to ensure you NEVER run out of storage.

How long is my data kept?

Our EULA states that data will be kept for 5 years. If longer storage is required we have plans and solutions that can accommodate.

What happens to my data once the storage agreement expires?

The data will be transferred back to you according to our EULA.

Can this be automated with our Employee Management System?


Is it possible to integrate with our EMR/EHR system?


Do I have to be connected to Wi-Fi to use the system?


What happens if I lose Wi-Fi connectivity?

A notification will appear on mobile devices alerting of a failed Internet connection.

What if we want to store information on our servers?

We can accommodate.

How long does it take for the system to identify updates?

All of our updates are in real time.

What if my organization has multiple departments or locations that want to use RabbitTrax?

Our software is designed to connect multiple locations and multiple departments to accommodate ANY size Healthcare Organization. Our reporting allows your data to seamlessly connect for Macro and Micro analysis.

How much does your product cost?

Depends on the size of your organization and the plan chosen. Each contract is as unique as each organization. We make it work for you!